July Update from the Leadership Team

Hoorah! The remainder of the deer netting is up. If you see a fencing team member- be sure to give them a high five. They’ve been working overtime.

Again, Hoorah! We have a power mower and a reel mower, a system for gas and for rotating mowing shifts, and one more weed-whacker rental really helped get things moving.

Please take a look at the pathways around your plot and ask yourself: is there anything going on here that would make it challenging to mow around my plot? Keep the mowing team in mind- and feel free to mention how great things are looking- and how great thingshave been looking, due to the mowers who independently took mowing in hand before we had a system up and running.  Thanks all!

Water logistics
Carole will be organizing the water workers. If you have water issues or special needs, please contact Carole (cmcrompton@comcast.net or 254-4833) so the water workers can take these needs into consideration when making their plans.

There has been an issue with the spigot near the garden.  Please note- when there is an issue with the spigot we are free to get water from the house until it is resolved. We are working on communication with the Retreat in order to understand and resolve the issue.

Leadership Team Meeting
The regular, monthly LT meeting is scheduled for Monday July 18, 6pm-8pm. It’s held at the Brattleboro Food Coop’s offices (Main Street- through the door between Fireworks’ two windows). Garden members are welcome to attend.  If you’d like to bring an item for discussion, please email Lisa in advance.

Rule Change: At the last meeting, the LT  voted to allow the use of plastic mulch in the garden.

Meeting Minutes Archive
Lise LePage (AGRCG website manager and iBrattleboro co-creator) has posted an archive of meeting minutes for the Leadership Team at the AGRCG website.

Speaking of the AGRCG website, have you seen it?  Here’s a link: http://blueworld.org/garden/   Lise recently posted a very good read about tests of her garden’s soil quality (ph, etc).

Is there something you’d like to post? Send it in! Garden photos are welcome (even hoped for), too.

A Note About Potato Bugs
Potato bugs are here- so if you have planted potatoes, please remove and destroy them (all three stages) on the leaves. Otherwise everyone’s plants will become infested. The bugs weaken the plants making the potatoes susceptible to late blight.

Community Gardening Hours
If you’d prefer to go to the garden when you might find others gardening, we’ve posted community garden hours

Sundays at 1:00 and Wednesdays at 6:00, for you and for those who feel similarly. Feel free to let us know your thoughts on it, and whether you make a point of gardening at those times or not.

Mulching Time
The weather is warming up- and its a good time to mulch if you haven’t yet.  With the and cooler temperatures and rain we’ve had- this hasn’t been critical. The sandy soil tends to dry out fast in hot, drier weather.

Happy Gardening!

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