FAQs About BlueWorld

What was was a world geography web site for people who want to know more about the regions and countries that make up our world. It was designed to help researchers, students, and laypersons find quality news and information quickly and easily.

Why was it created?

We felt that many people, Americans especially, know very little about the other countries and peoples of the world. We think the world is a fascinating place, and the many diverse people and customs of the world are endlessly interesting and inspiring. With this site, we hoped to help English-speaking people get more informed about the rest of the world.

What was your inspiration?

Our inspiration was really to fill a niche by creating a fun, easy-to-use web site to allow people to browse current information about each of the countries of the world.

What were your goals?

Our goal, since we were an unfunded organization, was to provide the best quality information for people at the lowest possible cost. By using open source software, free xml news services, and public domain data and images, we were able to achieve this goal.

The site was founded in the very early 21st century. It is outdated and no more.

Thanks to anyone who found it useful back in the day!