Area Total 17,818 sq km
Climate dry desert; intensely hot summers; short, cool winters
Natural Resources petroleum, fish, shrimp, natural gas
Imports China 13.5%, US 13.3%, UAE 9.5%, Saudi Arabia 5.8%, Germany 5.4%, Japan 5%, India 4.7%, Italy 4.5% (2017) – Imports – commodities field listing
food, construction materials, vehicles and parts, clothing
Government constitutional monarchy (emirate)
Capital Kuwait City
Population 2,916,467 (July 2018 est.)
Ethnicity Kuwaiti 30.4%, other Arab 27.4%, Asian 40.3%, African 1%, other .9% (includes European, North American, South American, and Australian) (2018 est.)
Language Arabic (official), English widely spoken
Exports South Korea 18.3%, China 17.4%, Japan 11.5%, India 11.2%, Singapore 6.3%, US 5.7% (2017) – oil and refined products, fertilizers

News about Kuwait

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  • Inflation moderate, says CBK … better than elsewhere; ‘Prices not fully under local control’
    by Arab Times on December 1, 2022

    KUWAIT CITY, Dec 1: In response to the queries of MP Osama Al-Zaid, the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) explained that the inflation rate in the country is affected by global markets and the international growth of imported commodities. The Central Bank added that it is not fully capable of controlling prices in the local … The post Inflation moderate, says […]

  • Govt spends KD 224.2m on food, construction material subsidies
    by Arab Times on December 1, 2022

    Increase of 55.6% cited in first 9 months of 2022 KUWAIT CITY, Dec 1: The subsidy bill for food and construction materials borne by the government during the first 9 months of 2022 reached 224.2 million dinars, an increase of 55.6%, with a value of 80.1 million dinars, compared to spending amounting to 144.1 million … The post Govt spends KD 224.2m on […]

  • Warning against delay in cargo, runway plan; Loss of revenues, no jobs
    by Arab Times on December 1, 2022

    KUWAIT CITY, Dec 1: A government report warned against the delay in the implementation of the Kuwait City Cargo Project and the project for building the third runway at Kuwait International Airport. The report stressed that further delay in the completion of these projects would lead to waste of huge amounts of annual revenues from … The post Warning […]

  • Does Kuwait need to impose taxes without proper reforms
    by Arab Times on December 1, 2022

    Govt support costs constitute second challenge in budget KUWAIT CITY, Dec 1: Although taxes are not mentioned in the government’s work program except on the profits of local and foreign companies operating in Kuwait and through a draft law that the government will submit after a year or two, there is popular and parliamentary fear … The post Does Kuwait […]

  • EU conditions visa on death penalty
    by Arab Times on December 1, 2022

    BRUSSELS, Dec 1, (Agencies): MEPs approved visa free travel for up to 90 days for citizens of Kuwait, if it agrees to a moratorium on death penalties, as well as Qatar, Oman and Ecuador. In a draft report approved on Thursday (42 votes in favour, 16 against, 0 abstaining), the Civil Liberties Committee endorsed a … The post EU conditions visa on death […]

  • Divorce cases rise; ‘More Kuwaitis’
    by Arab Times on December 1, 2022

    KUWAIT CITY, Dec 1: According to official data, there has been an increase in the number of divorce cases registered in Kuwait since the beginning of this year. The marriage index for the same period recorded a decline of 3,226 cases compared to the corresponding period in 2021, reports Al-Rai daily. Numerically, the official data … The post Divorce cases […]

  • Ban on use of metal water thermos in Kuwait schools
    by Arab Times on December 1, 2022

    KUWAIT CITY, Dec 1: The Ministry of Education has banned metal water thermos in schools after an elementary student assaulted his classmate using the thermos and as a result the student had to be rushed to the intensive care unit, reports Al-Rai daily. An educational source told the daily these thermoses were rejected in some … The post Ban on use of […]

  • ‘Preserve Kuwaiti heritage spirit of Shuwaikh beach’
    by Arab Times on December 1, 2022

    KUWAIT CITY, Dec 1: The Kuwait Municipality intends to present a new development idea for the Shuwaikh beach opposite the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center following the approval of the Municipal Council to re-transfer its affiliation from the Amiri Diwan to Kuwait Municipality. In this regard, citizens voiced their demands to preserve the Kuwaiti […]

  • Over 1,700 supervisory posts vacant in govt sector for years
    by Arab Times on November 30, 2022

    Multiple reasons cited for not filling up the positions KUWAIT CITY, Nov 30: There are hundreds of supervisory vacant positions in the government sector and this has left a big void in their administrative structure, reports Al-Qabas daily. Informed sources told the daily there are more than 1,700 vacant supervisory positions in state ministries and … The […]

  • MPs okay draft on vote with Civil ID
    by Arab Times on November 30, 2022

    KUWAIT CITY, Nov 30: The National Assembly on Wednesday approved the report of the Interior and Defense Affairs Committee about Necessity Decree No. 5/2022 on amending the roster of voters with 53 votes in favor and three against. Under this draft law, voters will vote using the Civil ID. Rapporteur of the committee MP Muhammad … The post MPs okay draft […]

  • Hitches remain in delivery
    by Arab Times on November 30, 2022

    KUWAIT CITY, Nov 30: Director General of the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) Eng. Mishaal Al-Quraifa recently met representatives of the Kuwait Flour Mills and Bakeries Company and the Information Systems Department at the office of the Director General of PAAAFR to complete the procedures for disbursing subsidized feed […]

  • Ministerial decision issued tied to cost of land and berths of Kuwait Ports Authority
    by Arab Times on November 30, 2022

    How to use land belonging to state? KUWAIT CITY, Nov 30: Governmental meetings are ongoing with the aim of reformulating contracts for the use of all land belonging to the state in order to raise their prices in a way that achieves the public interest, reports Al-Qabas daily. The Public Authority for Industry (PAI) informed … The post Ministerial decision […]

  • Kuwait University provides jobs for students – Opportunities only for undergraduates
    by Arab Times on November 30, 2022

    KUWAIT CITY, Nov 30: Kuwait University grants its students great opportunities by providing them with jobs within the university facilities, with the Student Employments program, which operates on the hour system, considering their academic schedule without conflicting with lectures. Student Employment offers several advantages that can benefit the students […]

  • Ministry directs schools not to increase financial burdens of students, parents
    by Arab Times on November 30, 2022

    KUWAIT CITY, Nov 30: The Assistant Undersecretary for the Public Education Sector in the Ministry of Education Osama Al-Sattan has issued ‘instructions’ to the directors general of the educational regions and the director of the Religious Education Department, stressing the need to circulate to all school administrations in the various educational […]

  • Abuse rampant as 860 violence cases against women in Kuwait recorded this year
    by Arab Times on November 30, 2022

    Awareness among women to demand their rights on increase Al-Rifai and Dr. Ashour KUWAIT CITY, Nov 30: While the scope of violence against women expanded in the country this year; there has also been a significant increase in the number of women resorting to human rights and security authorities to obtain their rights — an … The post Abuse rampant as 860 […]

  • Thyroid test on hold – ‘No chemicals’
    by Arab Times on November 30, 2022

    KUWAIT CITY, Nov 30: The Ministry of Health (MOH) suffers from a shortage of laboratory chemicals used in conducting medical analyses in its laboratories as well as in hospitals, especially the materials used in thyroid hormone analyses, reports Al-Jarida daily. The source told the daily, that there are directives issued to doctors working in clinics … […]

  • Banks preparing to offer new auto financing packages – Race to attract more clients
    by Arab Times on November 29, 2022

    KUWAIT CITY, Nov 29: Banks are currently preparing to offer new auto financing packages in what appears to be a race to attract more clients, reports Al-Rai daily quoting sources. Sources hinted that the upcoming banking competition in terms of car financing will start soon, targeting current and potential clients. Sources said car loans will … The post […]

  • Kuwait’s top honey extracted from Sidr trees, eucalyptus, willow nectar’s
    by Arab Times on November 29, 2022

    Bee a simple creature that does not like complexity: beekeeper Beekeeper Salem Al-Oumi and behives KUWAIT CITY, Nov 29: With the onset of dawn, swarms of bees permeate the branches of Sidr trees entwined with the sun’s rays, rushing towards the small yellow flowers hanging down where from a distance, the view appears as a … The post Kuwait’s top honey […]

  • Amir congratulates grilling outcome; Minister Bugamaz refutes MP charges
    by Arab Times on November 29, 2022

    KUWAIT CITY, Nov 29: His Highness the Amir Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah sent a congratulatory cable to Minister of Public Works and Minister of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy Amani Suleiman Bugamaz following her grilling at the National Assembly earlier Tuesday. In his cable, His Highness the Amir commended the Minister’s performance […]

  • 10,000 passports issued via e-devices within two weeks
    by Arab Times on November 29, 2022

    ‘30,000 passports-related transactions received online’ KUWAIT CITY, Nov 29: The Director of the Travel Documents Department, Colonel Abdullah Al-Amhoj, announced since the launch of the self-service project for the delivery of passports to citizens, which started nearly two weeks ago, 10,000 passports have been issued through the electronic devices […]

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