Area Total 17,818 sq km
Climate dry desert; intensely hot summers; short, cool winters
Natural Resources petroleum, fish, shrimp, natural gas
Imports China 13.5%, US 13.3%, UAE 9.5%, Saudi Arabia 5.8%, Germany 5.4%, Japan 5%, India 4.7%, Italy 4.5% (2017) – Imports – commodities field listing
food, construction materials, vehicles and parts, clothing
Government constitutional monarchy (emirate)
Capital Kuwait City
Population 2,916,467 (July 2018 est.)
Ethnicity Kuwaiti 30.4%, other Arab 27.4%, Asian 40.3%, African 1%, other .9% (includes European, North American, South American, and Australian) (2018 est.)
Language Arabic (official), English widely spoken
Exports South Korea 18.3%, China 17.4%, Japan 11.5%, India 11.2%, Singapore 6.3%, US 5.7% (2017) – oil and refined products, fertilizers

News about Kuwait

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  • Marriage, divorce deals archived
    by Arab Times on August 8, 2022

    KUWAIT CITY, Aug 8: In light of the government’s trend towards digital transformation of transactions, the Ministry of Justice has made great strides in archiving marriage contracts of citizens and expatriates by transferring about two million marriage and divorce contracts from 1954 to those issued in 2008. The contracts issued after this period are […]

  • Strict health measures imposed to contain spread of virus
    by Arab Times on August 8, 2022

    Kuwait handling of COVID-19 robust, within int’l standards KUWAIT CITY, Aug 8: The coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic had a great impact on the global community, leading several countries to impose strict health measures to try and contain the spread of the virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) had designated COVID-19 as a pandemic in 2020, calling … […]

  • Recruitment procedures begins for 169 Jordanian teachers
    by Arab Times on August 8, 2022

    KUWAIT CITY, Aug 8: The Ministry of Education has started procedures for the recruitment of 169 male and female teachers from Jordan that passed the interview conducted by the Foreign Recruitment Committee in July, reports Al-Jarida daily quoting sources from the educational sector. Sources revealed the committee received 568 applications and 200 applicants […]

  • Ex-MP, Municipality workers under probe
    by Arab Times on August 8, 2022

    ‘Grant amnesty to those in exile’ KUWAIT CITY, Aug 8, (Agencies): The previous National Assembly’s term lasted for 596 days — from Dec 15, 2020 to Aug 2, 2022; during which the country witnessed the resignation of three governments. The 16th parliamentary term comes second after the 15th in terms of the number of queries … The post Ex-MP, […]

  • Bachelors evicted from 53 properties after complaint – ‘Power supply disconnected’
    by Arab Times on August 8, 2022

    KUWAIT CITY, Aug 8: The Deputy Director-General for Municipal Affairs of the Farwaniya and Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorates, Eng. Ammar Al-Ammar, said 200 complaints were received about bachelors living in private housing areas from four governorates during 2021, reports Al-Qabas daily. Al-Ammar, in a memorandum submitted to the Minister of Municipality said, […]

  • Five illegal establishments shut
    by Arab Times on August 8, 2022

    KUWAIT CITY, Aug 8: Director of the Audit and Engineering Follow-up Department in the Farwaniya Municipality Branch, Saeed Al-Azmi, announced the closure of five illegal establishments that are commercially exploited in investment properties in the governorate, as part of an inspection tour in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and Farwaniya. Al-Azmi confirmed in a […]

  • Order sutures open wound of overseas treatment
    by Arab Times on August 8, 2022

    Directive issued against wasta KUWAIT CITY, Aug 8: The Ministry of Health has received strict instructions from the Council of Ministers, not to receive any transactions or requests from MPs or their delegates regarding treatment abroad or other health sectors, reports Al-Qabas daily. The sources indicated that the ministry immediately translated these […]

  • Kuwait’s cabinet convenes weekly meeting
    by Arab Times on August 8, 2022

    KUWAIT CITY, Aug 8: The Kuwaiti cabinet held its weekly meeting under the chairmanship of His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah at Seif Palace on Monday. Emerging from the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Oil, and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Mohammad Al-Fares said that the cabinet touched on … The post […]

  • KISR experts farm white-leg shrimp
    by Arab Times on August 8, 2022

    KUWAIT CITY, Aug 8: Aqua life experts at Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) managed to farm white-leg shrimp (or vannamei) at a desert area in Kabd using low salinity water. The experimental model shrimp farm of the Institute imported vannamei larvae from Thailand and has almost reached a commercial production level, KISR’s Acting Director […]

  • Max price for Filipino domestic workers KD 850 without air ticket
    by Arab Times on August 7, 2022

    Indians, Sri Lankans and Nepalis KD 700, African countries KD 500 KUWAIT CITY, Aug 7: A decision was issued by the Minister of Commerce and Industry and Minister of Social Affairs and Community Development Fahd Al-Shariaan to determine the maximum prices for domestic offices to recruit domestic workers without including airfare The decision stated that … […]

  • Consumer spending in Kuwait seen at KD 19bn in ’23
    by Arab Times on August 7, 2022

    KUWAIT CITY, Aug 7: Fitch Solutions expects the consumer spending in Kuwait to achieve strong growth during 2022 and 2023, and it is likely that household spending in Kuwait will grow by 6.8% in 2022 and 2.6% next year, reports Al-Qabas daily. It is also expected that the country’s gross domestic product will achieve a … The post Consumer spending in […]

  • Kuwait Airways to receive third A330-800
    by Arab Times on August 7, 2022

    KUWAIT CITY, Aug 7: Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) will receive the third A330-800 aircraft at the end of this month as part of its contract with Airbus to purchase eight aircraft of the same model, which the corporation will receive successively until 2026, reports Al-Seyassah. This is in line with the plan agreed on when … The post Kuwait Airways to […]

  • Supervision of ice cream carts falls under PAFN ‘jurisdiction’
    by Arab Times on August 7, 2022

    KUWAIT CITY, Aug 7: The director of the legal department in the Kuwait Municipality, Counselor Raja’an Al-Gharib, confirmed there is no decision to regulate the work of ice cream vendors, reports Al-Qabas daily. In a letter he addressed to the Director-General of the Municipality, Al-Gharib said, what was done during the coordination meeting held on … […]

  • Rent allowances paid by state to Kuwaitis exceed ‘cost’ of building a city
    by Arab Times on August 7, 2022

    KUWAIT CITY, Aug 7: The number of housing requests, according to the latest statistics issued by the Public Authority for Housing Welfare, reached 94,379 as of the end of December 2021. This means that the state pays KD 14.15 million per month as rent allowance, which is set at KD 150, or about KD 169.8 … The post Rent allowances paid by state to Kuwaitis […]

  • Al Jahra hottest place on the planet
    by Arab Times on August 7, 2022

    KUWAIT CITY, Aug 7: Temperatures continued to set record in Kuwait exceeding 50 degrees Celsius. Jahra  recorded 53 degrees followed by Sulaibiya 52.1  degrees Celsius. According to Eldoradoweather.com Jahra was the hottest place on the planet, followed by Sulaibiya, Abadan in Iran 51  degrees Celsius and Nasiriya in Iraq was 50.8  degrees Celsius. […]

  • Decision issued to re-form technical panel for ‘Electric Vehicle Chargers’
    by Arab Times on August 7, 2022

    ‘List needs to be issued regarding int’l specifications for electric cars’ KUWAIT CITY, Aug 7: Minister of Commerce and Industry Fahd Mutlaq Al-Shariaan issued a decision to re-form the Technical Committee for Infrastructure Equipment for Electric Vehicle Chargers (EVC), emanating from the Public Authority for Industry, reports Al- Qabas daily. FILE […]

  • Malaysia file may red-face Kuwaitis
    by Arab Times on August 7, 2022

    KUWAIT CITY, Aug 7: In a dangerous turn that threatens the country, its reputation and its international standing, the file of “The Malaysian Sovereign Fund” took an escalating turn, after several Malaysians launched a campaign to collect signatures on the “Change” website to recover the funds they claim were looted by Kuwaiti officials and are … […]

  • New mandatory health insurance for expats on visa 18
    by Arab Times on August 6, 2022

    KUWAIT CITY, Aug 6: The Health Insurance Hospitals Company (Dhaman) recently held a meeting with Deputy Director General for Organization Affairs in Kuwait Municipality Eng Muhammad Al-Zoubi, with Dhaman Chairman Mutlaq Al-Sanea and CEO Thamer Arab in attendance. The meeting focused on the role that Dhaman will play in supporting the health sector and […]

  • Clicking pics without consent and defaming is punishable by law
    by Arab Times on August 6, 2022

    KUWAIT CITY, Aug 6: The Cybercrime Department of the Ministry of Interior has warned members of the community against photographing and defaming others without their knowledge, in order to avoid falling foul with the law, reports Al-Jarida daily. The department stated in an awareness tweet that “the law punishes anyone who deliberately abuses and defames […]

  • Misuse of basement for storage won’t be tolerated
    by Arab Times on August 6, 2022

    KUWAIT CITY, Aug 6: The Director- General of the Kuwait Municipality, Eng Ahmad Al-Manfouhi during a campaign on basements in investment areas which are being used for purposes other than they are meant for was reportedly quoted as saying, “We will not spare anyone, and we will not tolerate violations when it comes to the … The post Misuse of basement […]

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