Area Total 283,561 sq km
Climate tropical along coast, becoming cooler inland at higher elevations; tropical in Amazonian jungle lowlands
Natural Resources petroleum, fish, timber, hydropower
Imports $19.31 billion (2017 est.) partners: US 22.8%, China 15.4%, Colombia 8.7%, Panama 6.4%, Brazil 4.4%, Peru 4.2% (2017)
Exports Spanish (Castilian) 93% (official), Quechua 4.1%, other indigenous 0.7%, foreign 2.2% note: Quechua and Shuar are official languages of intercultural relations (2010 est.)
Government presidential republic
Capital Quito
Population 16.5 million (July 2018 est.)
Ethnicity mestizo (mixed Amerindian and white) 71.9%, Montubio 7.4%, Amerindian 7%, white 6.1%, Afroecuadorian 4.3%, mulatto 1.9%, black 1%, other 0.4% (2010 est.)
Language Spanish (official), Italian, English, German, French, indigenous (Mapudungun, Quechua)

News about Ecuador

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  • Ecuador advances with a roadmap for the production and use of green hydrogen
    by admin on December 2, 2022

    With the aim of achieving an energy transition, a roadmap for the production and use of green hydrogen is designed in Ecuador. This input can be used as a sustainable fuel or become an energy source to achieve the decarbonization of the planet. This will help combat climate change.  The information ...

  • Mothers file lawsuits for exchanging babies by mistake, in Ecuador
    by admin on December 2, 2022

    February 23, 1999 marked the lives of two mothers. That day they gave birth to their children at the Vicente Corral Moscoso hospital in Cuenca. But the children were exchanged, by mistake. Twenty-one years later, María (protected name) discovered the fact through a DNA test, within a judicial proces...

  • Covid-19 infections in Guayaquil increase 75% in a week
    by admin on December 1, 2022

    The Municipality of Guayaquil warned of an ” exponential increase ” in covid-19 infections in the Main Port. The cases increased by 75%; they went from 800 patients in week number 46 to 1,460 during the last epidemiological week, number 47 of the year. However, only one person has died f...

  • Ecuadorian drug lord will be extradited to the United States
    by admin on December 1, 2022

    While the United States expedites the extradition of Enrique Portocarrero from Spain, in Ecuador the authorities trace his business ties and the financing of candidates in Esmeraldas. Enrique Portocarrero was arrested at the Barajas airport (Madrid), on November 22, 2022, by an international arrest ...

  • Jorge Glas owes more than USD 7.8 million for acts of corruption
    by admin on November 30, 2022

    Former Vice President Jorge Glas Espinel left Prison 4 in Quito surrounded by a group of supporters . He obtained his freedom from him after benefiting from a precautionary measure issued by Judge Emerson Curipallo , from Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas. The exalted correísmo official was released fr...

  • ‘Baby boomers’ and generation X, the voters with less influence
    by admin on November 30, 2022

    Among the age groups, those over 56 are hardly on the radar of candidates for the 2023 sectional elections. They are followed by generation X. The ‘baby boomers’ and ‘X’ generations make up 46% of the electoral roll. The first represent three million voters and the second, 3....

  • Énner Valencia, the best player for Ecuador in the World Cup in Qatar
    by admin on November 29, 2022

    Énner Valencia was the most outstanding player of the Ecuadorian National Team in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. La Tri’s participation ended after their defeat against Senegal. The team led by Gustavo Alfaro played their way to the round of 16 and stay in the tournament against the Africans. A ...

  • This was the good, the bad and the ugly of Ecuador’s defeat
    by admin on November 29, 2022

    The Ecuadorian soccer team did not have a good match against Senegal. She was overcome from the tactical and the physical. For this reason, they lost 2-1 at the Khalifa International stadium and were eliminated from the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Ecuador suffered on all lines against the Africans. Especi...

  • New Stratus subsidiary notifies oil block controversy
    by admin on November 28, 2022

    Petrolia, a subsidiary of New Stratus Energy, says that the controversy was filed because the State has not given way to the renegotiation of the contract for blocks 16 and 67. Petrolia, a subsidiary in Ecuador of the Canadian oil company New Stratus Energy (NSE), presented to the Ministry of Energy...

  • Ecuadorian project wins world architecture award
    by admin on November 28, 2022

    For the first time, an Ecuadorian architecture project wins first prize in the Architecture MasterPrize (AMP) competition. In July 2022, José Daniel Terán , founder of A1 Arquitectura Avanzada , was invited by the AMP organizers to participate in the world event , in Los Angeles, United States. The ...

  • ‘It’s very political’: the almost impossible job of being a marine planner
    by Graeme Green on November 22, 2022

    From the Galápagos to Bermuda, ocean planners often find themselves caught between two worlds – choosing between fisheries and fish‘It’s a fantastic experience to be next to a 12-metre-long whale shark, or to get close to a predator like a tiger shark,” says the marine scientist Alex Hearn. “Nothing quite measures up to slipping into the water […]

  • Headless bodies and deadly bombs: cartel violence escalates in Ecuador
    by Dan Collyns on November 2, 2022

    On Tuesday, President Guillermo Lasso announced a curfew under a new state of emergency in Guayas and Esmeraldas regionsThe week began with the discovery of two headless bodies, left dangling from a pedestrian bridge. Then prison guards were taken hostage by inmates, nine car bombs detonated in two coastal cities and five police officers were shot dead.The […]

  • Why I’m sceptical about giving legal rights to animals, trees and rivers | Letter
    by Letters on October 14, 2022

    Rogelio Luque-Lora responds to proposals in the Law in the Emerging Bio Age, a report for the Law SocietyThere are good reasons to be sceptical of the proposals on which you report (Give legal rights to animals, trees and rivers, say experts, 10 October). In Ecuador, Indigenous groups worried that granting nature rights in the country’s constitution would […]

  • Give legal rights to animals, trees and rivers, say experts
    by Haroon Siddique Legal affairs correspondent on October 10, 2022

    Report for Law Society says framework is essential for future interactions with the environment and biotechnologyGranting legal rights and protections to non-human entities such as animals, trees and rivers is essential if countries are to tackle climate breakdown and biodiversity loss, experts have said.The authors of a report titled Law in the Emerging […]

  • The week around the world in 20 pictures
    by Jim Powell on October 7, 2022

    Anti-government protests continue over the deaths of teenage girls in Iran; the aftermath of Hurricane Ian; Russia targets Zaporizhzhia; and the deadly stampede at a football match in Indonesia – the most striking images this week Continue reading...

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