Area Total 70,273 sq km
Climate temperate maritime; modified by North Atlantic Current; mild winters, cool summers; consistently humid; overcast about half the time
Natural Resources natural gas, peat, copper, lead, zinc, silver, barite, gypsum, limestone, dolomite
Imports $98.13 billion (2017 est.),UK 29%, US 18.9%, France 12.1%, Germany 9.6%, Netherlands 4.1% (2017) – data processing equipment, other machinery and equipment, chemicals, petroleum and petroleum products, textiles, clothing
Exports $219.7 billion (2017 est.) US 27.1%, UK 13.4%, Belgium 11%, Germany 8.1%, Switzerland 5.1%, Netherlands 4.9%, France 4.3% (2017) – machinery and equipment, computers, chemicals, medical devices, pharmaceuticals; foodstuffs, animal products
Government parliamentary republic
Capital Dublin
Population 5,068,050 (July 2018 est.)
Ethnicity Irish 82.2%, Irish travelers 0.7%, other white 9.5%, Asian 2.1%, black 1.4%, other 1.5%, unspecified 2.6% (2016 est.)
Language English (official, the language generally used), Irish (Gaelic or Gaeilge) (official, spoken by approximately 39.8% of the population as of 2016; mainly spoken in areas along Ireland’s western coast known as gaeltachtai, which are officially recognized regions where Irish is the predominant language)

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  • New Irish adoption law opens wounds as 900 register to trace birth families
    by Lisa O'Carroll on August 4, 2022

    Octogenarian and child of five among adopted children or parents applying for unrestricted access to early years dataAn 81-year-old, adopted as a child, and a 74-year-old mother who gave up her baby for adoption, are among 900 people who have registered to trace their parents or children after landmark legislation was passed in Ireland.The public response […]

  • Remembering Roger Casement, one of the great anti-colonialists | Letter
    by Letters on August 3, 2022

    On the anniversary of his execution, Helen Rivron recalls the homophobic campaign that many believe prevented his reprieveWednesday, 3 August, marks the 106th anniversary of an often neglected landmark in queer history – the execution of Roger Casement after a vindictive homophobic campaign to prevent a reprieve.Roger Casement was one of the great […]

  • David Trimble funeral unites politicians from across spectrum
    by Rory Carroll Ireland correspondent on August 1, 2022

    Service for former first minister brings together Northern Irish, British and Irish leadersDavid Trimble faced bitter opposition from across the political spectrum during his life but his funeral has united British, Irish and Northern Irish leaders in paying tribute to his accomplishments and sacrifice.The service in Lisburn on Monday brought together the […]

  • Cost of living crisis: how does UK compare with rest of Europe?
    by Rory Carroll, Jasmine Gadhavi, Shane Hickey and Philip Oltermann on August 1, 2022

    Britain has taken steps to ease the impact of rising prices . But other countries have gone furtherAs the cost of living crisis continues to bite, millions of households are in need of help. And the problem has spread across Europe. In the UK, more than 8 million households, who are on income-related benefits and tax credits, are eligible for a £650 cost […]

  • US airman who rescued film of A-bomb horrors is honoured at last
    by Rory Carroll on July 31, 2022

    Cameraman Daniel McGovern copied footage of Hiroshima and Nagasaki devastation to ensure lessons were learnedThe photograph shows devastation in Nagasaki after the atomic bomb: a scorched wilderness where there was once a city. At its centre stands a lone man with a camera.It was 9 September 1945 and Lt Daniel McGovern, a US Army Air Force cameraman, was […]

  • Ireland targets 25% cut in agriculture emissions but farmers voice anger
    by Rory Carroll Ireland correspondent on July 29, 2022

    Government sets binding objectives across sectors to slash overall carbon emissions by 51% by 2030Ireland has committed to a 25% cut in greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture by 2030 after a bitter political battle between farmers, business groups and environmentalists.The coalition government on Thursday announced binding sectoral targets to slash […]

  • Doors shut, ties ditched: what are EU countries doing to save energy?
    by Guardian reporters on July 29, 2022

    EU member states have been urged to reduce energy use to ensure they can cope in the event Russia cuts all suppliesEnergy ministers from the 27 EU member states, except Hungary, backed a voluntary 15% reduction in gas usage over the winter this week – a target that could become mandatory if the Kremlin ordered a complete shutdown of gas to Europe. Some […]

  • David Byrne obituary
    by Scott Byrne on July 29, 2022

    My father, David Byrne, who has died aged 78, was a restaurateur and hotelier who pioneered Bloomsday – the annual celebration of the life of James Joyce – as an epicurean festival. David was a man ahead of his time. In his approach to food, as to so much else in life, he followed the mantra to “keep it simple”. Whether his recipes were for lobster […]

  • Fare deal: Ireland joins Europe-wide efforts to coax people out of cars
    by Rory Carroll in Sligo on July 29, 2022

    In Luxembourg every journey is free and Barcelona is halving already low prices. But Irish commuters say patchy networks deter them more than cost The train departs Dublin punctually and glides west through sunlit, verdant countryside, like a glossy advertisement for Irish Rail. Some passengers snooze, others read or chat or simply gaze at the meadows […]

  • The Steward of Christendom review – shattering portrait of a scarred man
    by Helen Meany on July 28, 2022

    Gate theatre, DublinOwen Roe is riveting in Sebastian Barry’s deconstruction of a family set against the tensions of Irish independenceSebastian Barry’s shimmeringly poetic memory play is a portrait of a man with tangled allegiances. Thomas Dunne, the chief superintendent of the Dublin Metropolitan police until 1922, was Barry’s great-grandfather. A […]

  • Irish island gets cross promised in myth 1,500 years ago – made from cardboard
    by Rory Carroll Ireland correspondent on July 28, 2022

    Legend claims Saint Columba never came up with cross for Tory island so artist Sarah Lewtas fulfils pledgeIt is more than a thousand years late, and made of cardboard rather than stone, but the residents of Ireland’s remotest inhabited island have finally got their cross.The 6.5-metre sculpture reached Tory island, a windswept rock nine miles off […]

  • Joyride review – Olivia Colman tries hard to keep odd-couple kidnap movie on the road
    by Peter Bradshaw on July 27, 2022

    No matter how hard the able cast work, this putative heartwarmer can never escape the far-fetched contrivance of its central conceitOlivia Colman does her best with this fundamentally silly, contrived and implausible movie: a road-trip heartwarmer, or maybe heartmicrowaver. She plays Joy, a solicitor in a small and close-knit Irish town, who has just had a […]

  • Lord Trimble obituary
    by Anne McHardy on July 26, 2022

    Unionist politician who was one of the architects of the Good Friday agreement and served as the first minister of Northern IrelandThe unionist politician David Trimble, Lord Trimble, who was awarded the Nobel peace prize in 1998 jointly with the nationalist leader John Hume, embodied the complexity of the violent sectarian world of Northern Ireland.The […]

  • Fears island of Ireland faces ‘new carve-up’ by mining companies
    by Tommy Greene on July 25, 2022

    Campaigners warn of damage as concessions now cover over a quarter of land on both sides of borderEnvironmentalists on the island of Ireland say they fear a “new carve-up of the island” over coming decades, with mining concessions now covering more than a quarter of all land on both sides of the border.More than 25% of the total land area of Northern […]

  • Paddy Hopkirk obituary
    by Richard Williams on July 24, 2022

    Motor racing driver whose dashing victory in the Monte Carlo Rally captured the mood of swinging 60s Britain Paddy Hopkirk’s victory in the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally was such an event that he, his navigator, Henry Liddon, and their car, a Mini Cooper, were invited to appear on Sunday Night at the London Palladium, an ITV show with an audience that sometimes […]

  • Irish people adopted abroad as children to get full access to their records
    by Lisa O'Carroll on July 21, 2022

    Campaign launched to reach those sent overseas during years of hostility towards unmarried mothersIrish people who were sent to Britain, the US and elsewhere for adoption when they were children as a result of decades-long Catholic hostility towards unmarried mothers will be entitled to unrestricted access to their birth certificates and other official […]

  • Penny Mordaunt ‘only one in her family to support Brexit’, says uncle
    by Lisa O'Carroll and Jessica Elgot on July 18, 2022

    Tory leadership hopeful with Irish roots has stayed silent on Northern Ireland protocol billThe day’s political news – livePenny Mordaunt has Irish Catholic roots, it has emerged, but her staunch support for Brexit makes her an outlier not just among many of those with Irish heritage but among her extended family.“She is the only member of the family […]

  • Trade across Irish border booms after Brexit amid energy growth
    by Lisa O'Carroll Brexit correspondent on July 18, 2022

    Imports from Northern Ireland to Ireland up 23%, while trade in other direction increases by 42%Northern Ireland and Ireland are enjoying what appears to be a €4bn (£3.4bn) boost, with inter-country trade booming in both directions post Brexit, figures reveal.Official government data released in Dublin by the Central Statistics Office showed that imports […]

  • The Uber files: how the leak prompted outrage across the world
    by Rob Davies on July 15, 2022

    From Europe to India and the US, the revelations have fuelled anger from across the spectrum, from the drivers to politiciansWhat are the Uber files?Uber broke laws, duped police and secretly lobbied governmentsThe worldwide scale of the Uber files – in numbersThe release of the Uber files has prompted a frenzy of reaction around the world, piling […]

  • ‘Almost mythical’ Michael Flatley thriller Blackbird gets September release
    by Sam Jones on July 15, 2022

    Lord of the Dance star ‘thrilled’ self-financed film finally being released four years after premiereAlmost four years after it premiered and promptly disappeared, a spy thriller written, directed, produced, financed by and starring the Irish-American dancer Michael Flatley will be released in Irish cinemas in September.According to its blurb on IMDb, […]

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