Area Total 799,380 sq km
Climate tropical to subtropical
Natural Resources coal, titanium, natural gas, hydropower, tantalum, graphite
Imports South Africa 36.8%, China 7%, UAE 6.8%, India 6.2%, Portugal 4.4% (2017) – machinery and equipment, vehicles, fuel, chemicals, metal products, foodstuffs, textiles
Exports India 28.1%, Netherlands 24.4%, South Africa 16.7% (2017) – gold, coffee, cashew nuts, manufactures, cotton
Government presidential republic
Capital Maputo
Population 30,098,197 (July 2020 est.)
Ethnicity African 99% (Makhuwa, Tsonga, Lomwe, Sena, and others), mestizo 0.8%, other (includes European, Indian, Pakistani, Chinese) .2% (2017 est.)
Language Emakhuwa 26.1%, Portuguese (official) 16.6%, Xichangana 8.6%, Cinyanja 8.1, Cisena 7.1%, Elomwe 7.1%, Echuwabo 4.7%, Cindau 3.8%, Xitswa 3.8%, other Mozambican languages 11.8%, other 0.5%, unspecified 1.8% (2017 est.)

News about Mozambique

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  • President Nyusi Invites Finnish Businesses to Invest
    by AIM on November 30, 2022

    [AIM] President Filipe Nyusi on 17 November invited businesses to invest in Mozambique and take advantage of the enormous opportunities the country has to offer. The Nyusi delivered this invitation during the Mozambique-Finland Business Forum in Helsinki, held as part of his four-day working visit to Finland.

  • 9.4 Million Cases of Malaria This Year
    by AIM on November 30, 2022

    [AIM] The Mozambican health authorities diagnosed 9.4 million cases of malaria in the first nine months of this year, according to Health Minister Armindo Tiago. This was an increase of 20 per cent on the 7.8 million cases diagnosed in the same period in 2021.

  • Unicef Faces Huge Funding Gap for Mozambique
    by AIM on November 30, 2022

    [AIM] The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has warned that it has only received US$18.1 million for its life-saving services for women and children in Mozambique affected by conflict, Cyclone Gombe, and Tropical Storm Ana.

  • President Nyusi Urges Greater Competitiveness From Hcb
    by AIM on November 30, 2022

    [AIM] President Filipe Nyusi on 27 November challenged the managers of Hidroelectrica de Cahora Bassa (HCB), the company that operates the Cahora Bassa dam in the western province of Tete, to continue to develop as a competitive energy supplier. The President was speaking in Songo near the Zambezi River during a gala marking the 15th anniversary of the […]

  • New Cashew Processing Factory Being Commissioned
    by AIM on November 30, 2022

    [AIM] Another cashew processing factory will shortly begin operations in the northern province of Nampula, bringing the total number in the country to 12. Deputy Agriculture Minister Olegario Banze made this announcement on 23 November in Nassaruma, in the Nampula district of Meconta, where he launched the 2022-2023 cashew marketing campaign which is […]

  • IMF Enthusiastic About Mozambican Economy
    by AIM on November 30, 2022

    [AIM] The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced on 21 November that it has completed its first review under the Extended Credit Facility (ECF) arrangement with Mozambique, which will give the country access to 45.44 million Special Drawing Rights (SDRs, equivalent to US$59.26 million).

  • Government Approves National Contingency Plan
    by AIM on November 30, 2022

    [AIM] The Mozambican government on 22 November approved the National Contingency Plan for the 2022-2023 rainy season, which is budgeted at 12.5 billion meticais (US$ 195 million).

  • President Inaugurates Solar Power Systems
    by AIM on November 30, 2022

    [AIM] President Filipe Nyusi on 27 November urged residents of the Chintholo administrative post, in Cahora Bassa district, in the western province of Tete, to actively participate in fighting against theft and vandalisation of electrical equipment.

  • USAID Support for Water and Sanitation
    by AIM on November 30, 2022

    [AIM] The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) on 28 November announced that it is launching a four-year programme to support market-based approaches to improve access to sanitation and encourage improved hygiene practices in selected small towns in northern Mozambique.

  • New Municipalities Cost U.S.$1.6 Million
    by AIM on November 30, 2022

    [AIM] Minister of State Administration Ana Comoana has revealed that the establishment of 12 new municipalities, as proposed by the government, will have a budgetary impact of over 100 million meticais (US$1.6 million), an amount to be fully supported by the state budget.

  • Mozambique's Annual Inflation Rate Falls
    by AIM on November 30, 2022

    [AIM] Mozambique's annual inflation rate fell from 12.01 per cent in September to 11.83 per cent in October, according to the latest figures issued by the National Statistics Institute (INE).

  • President Nyusi Inaugurates Coral Sul LNG Project
    by AIM on November 30, 2022

    [AIM] President Filipe Nyusi on 23 November formally inaugurated the Coral Sul Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) project, which is anchored off the coast of the northern province of Cabo Delgado. Speaking in the Cabo Delgado provincial capital, Pemba, he said the start of hydrocarbon operations in the Rovuma Basin raises confidence about the evolution […]

  • 'Girls Should Be Able to Focus Only On Their Studies' - How Activism Changes Girls' Lives in Mozambique
    by Spotlight Initiative on November 28, 2022

    [Spotlight Initiative] Mogovolas -- With notebooks in her arms and a bright smile, Maria*, 16, is getting ready for another school day. She is in the 9th grade in Mogovolas district, Nampula province, Mozambique, and dreams of becoming a nurse.

  • Overseas Buildings Operations Awarded Leed® Gold for New U.S. Embassy in Maputo, Mozambique
    by State Department on November 28, 2022

    [State Department] In recognition of the Department's commitment to environmental leadership and sustainable design, the new U.S. Embassy in Maputo, Mozambique, achieved Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Gold certification from the United States Green Building Council.

  • "Girls Should Focus On Their Studies" - How Activists Are Changing Girls' Lives in Mozambique
    by UNFPA on November 26, 2022

    [UNFPA] With notebooks in her arms and a bright smile, Maria*, 16, is getting ready for another school day. In the 9th grade in Mogovolas district, Nampula province, she dreams of becoming a nurse.

  • Mozambican Authorities Deport 80 Malawians
    by Nyasa Times on November 23, 2022

    [Nyasa Times] Immigration authorities in Mozambique have deported at least 80 Malawians who went to the country without travel documents.

  • IMF Executive Board Concludes the First Review Under the Extended Credit Facility Arrangement for the Republic of Mozambique
    by IMF on November 22, 2022

    [IMF] Washington, DC: The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) concluded the first review under the three-year ECF arrangement for Mozambique. [1] The Board also completed the financing assurances review and approved the authorities' request for modification of conditionality. [2] This allows for the immediate disbursement of SDR 45.44 […]

  • Mozambique Makes First Export of Liquefied Natural Gas
    by The Exchange on November 19, 2022

    [The Exchange] President of Mozambique Filipe Nyusi announces first export of Liquefied Natural Gas from Cabo Delgado

  • Russia Pushes Military Diplomacy in Africa Amid Ukraine War
    by DW on November 19, 2022

    [DW] Troop training, arms sales and mercenaries are the pillars of Russia's security support in Africa. But analysts say the war in Ukraine has exposed the risks to African nations of relying on Russian military support.

  • NEC Boss in Maputo
    by New Dawn on November 18, 2022

    [New Dawn] A two-day international electoral forum on "Building Resilience of Electoral Management Bodies to Safeguard Democracy in Africa", has ended in Maputo, Mozambique with a call to leaders of Electoral Management Bodies in Africa to chart innovative policy pathways and actionable measures for safeguarding the management of credible, peaceful and […]

  • Can Mozambique's March to Authoritarianism Be Stopped?
    by ISS on November 17, 2022

    [ISS] With outside attention focused on violent extremism and gas exports, Mozambique's democratic backsliding is proceeding apace.

  • Special Advisor On International Disability Rights Minkara's Trip to Mozambique
    by State Department on November 16, 2022

    [State Department] Special Advisor on International Disability Rights Sara Minkara will travel to Maputo, Mozambique, November 16-18 to meet with government officials, civil society leaders, university students, members of the business community, and international organization representatives. Mozambique is a partner country for the U.S. Strategy to Prevent […]

  • Journalist Arlindo Chissale Faces Lesser Charge After Terrorism Accusation
    by CPJ on November 16, 2022

    [CPJ] At 4 a.m. on October 29, Arlindo Chissale, editor of privately owned outlet Pinnacle News, which specializes in reporting on the insurgency in Cabo Delgado province, was detained by police in Balama, west of the provincial capital of Pemba, and held in police cells for six days, according to media reports, a statement by the Mozambican chapter of the […]

  • Mozambique Starts Shipping Gas to Europe
    by New Times on November 15, 2022

    [New Times] Mozambique has started exporting its liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Cabo Delgado province, a region affected by Islamist militants, until 2020 when Rwandan forces alongside the Mozambican army launched military operations to pacify the area .

  • Is the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism Good for Mozambique's Aluminium Exports?
    by The Exchange on November 14, 2022

    [The Exchange] If accepted, the funding could be applied to support the implementation of a green industrialization process in the country fuelled by accelerated investments in Mozambique's unique renewable energy assets.

  • Funds Dry Up As Hunger Looms in Mozambique's North
    by WFP on November 11, 2022

    [WFP] This is a summary of what was said by Antonella D'Aprile, WFP's Country Director in Mozambique - to whom quoted text may be attributed - at today's press briefing at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. GENEVA - The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is today warning that it will be forced to suspend its life-saving assistance to one […]

  • About 90 Per Cent of Renamo Residual Force Demobilised
    by AIM on November 5, 2022

    [AIM] Maputo -- Over 800 ex-combatants from Renamo, the largest opposition party in Mozambique, have been demobilised, over the last four weeks, which brings the total number to about 90 per cent of total disarmament, demobilisation, and reintegration (DDR) beneficiaries.

  • President Nyusi Has Good Reason to Keep Ex Finance Minister Chang Out of a U.S. Court
    by ISS on November 5, 2022

    [ISS] But would Chang prefer to testify in the US rather than return to Mozambique to an uncertain fate?

  • Negotiations to Avert Medical Doctor's Strike End in Deadlock
    by AIM on November 4, 2022

    [AIM] Maputo -- Negotiations between the Mozambican government and the Medical Association (AMM), which sought to find a solution to avert a doctor's strike that is set to begin on Monday next week, have ended in a deadlock.

  • SADC Calls for Lifting Sanctions On Zimbabwe
    by AIM on November 4, 2022

    [AIM] Maputo -- The Southern African Development Community (SADC) is, once again, calling for unconditional and immediate lifting of sanctions imposed on individuals and institutions in Zimbabwe.

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